Arresting News of (Dis)organised Crime and Corruption


Mosley Puffed By ‘Independent’ Film He Funded Max Mosley will be lionised in an “independent” documentary made by a film company in which he and his wife are major shareholders, The Upsetter can reveal. Mosley: It’s Complicated, which is billed as “unauthorised”, is expected in cinemas next month. Actor Hugh Grant is among the fawning usual suspects to be found praising Mosley for taking on the press after a tabloid sting in 2008 exposed his predilection for sadomasochistic orgies with prostitutes. The documentary makers were granted special access to the scandal-ridden Formula One motor racing boss turned privacy campaigner, who died of cancer

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The Inside Story of Priti Patel’s Battle for the Daniel Morgan Report The family of Daniel Morgan are right to be “suspicious” of Priti Patel’s last minute block on publication of the long-awaited report into the private investigator’s notorious unsolved murder in 1987. Ludicrous reliance on the old chestnut of “national security” to justify stopping yesterday’s planned publication, after an 8-year inquiry costing £15m, has proved a spectacular own goal. It has left the Home Secretary looking even more shifty and dismissive of a family failed for 34 years by no less than five flawed police investigations and the entire criminal

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Toby Young in Fake News Scandal

Spectator editor caught offside in false claims about Chelsea FC. THEY say start as you mean to go on. And so it was with Toby Young, associate editor of The Spectator magazine and super-spreader of fake news about coronavirus. The 57-year-old lockdown sceptic began his national media career with a major piece of fake journalism about Chelsea Football Club, The Upsetter can reveal. In June 1985, Young, then a 21-year-old Oxford undergraduate, penned an article about a new ultra-violent group of Chelsea thugs called the Anti-Personnel Firm (APF) who were terrorising terraces and the British public. The article appeared on the front

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