Arresting News of (Dis)organised Crime and Corruption


Mosley Puffed By ‘Independent’ Film He Funded Max Mosley will be lionised in an “independent” documentary made by a film company in which he and his wife are major shareholders, The Upsetter can reveal. Mosley: It’s Complicated, which is billed as “unauthorised”, is expected in cinemas next month. Actor Hugh Grant is among the fawning usual suspects to be found praising Mosley for taking on the press after a tabloid sting in 2008 exposed his predilection for sadomasochistic orgies with prostitutes. The documentary makers were granted special access to the scandal-ridden Formula One motor racing boss turned privacy campaigner, who died of cancer

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Met police to examine corruption in 1959 racist murder   The Metropolitan police will examine corruption concerns surrounding the unsolved murder of a black man in Notting Hill after his family petitioned for an apology on the 62nd anniversary of his violent death at the hands of racists. It follows an exclusive article published by The Upsetter with journalist Mark Olden, whose investigation into the murder of Kelso Cochrane in 1959 has raised questions about the police handling of the case. Asked if the Met would apologise and support the Cochrane family’s call for release of National Archives files, that are

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Apology Plea to Met Police Over Murder 62 Years Ago Today   A gang of around five white youths overpower a solitary black man on a London street at night. One of them drives a knife deep into him. The fatal attack is unprovoked and over in seconds.  A few witnesses come forward, but they cannot identify the gang with court-proof accuracy. There’s an added complication. The murder occurs in an area targeted by the far-right and home to a tight-knit community with a large criminal population who look dimly on those who assist the police. The names of those

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