Arresting News of (Dis)organised Crime and Corruption


In October 2006, Holby City actor Simon Williams, a Daval shareholder and believer, presented a petition to Downing Street with 20,000 signatures calling for NHS backing of Aimspro. There was no take up by the NHS, but the following month the MHRA, the medicines regulator, did begin a criminal investigation into Daval as reported in an exclusive Sunday Times expose. Among other troubling matters, we revealed details of a woman who had a serious adverse reaction when Dr Ian Brooman, a director of Daval at the time, injected her with Aimspro. No prosecution of the company followed, but the regulator did

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The £30m ‘Gigantic Fraud’ on Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers A government-backed drug company claiming to have a ‘Holy Grail’ treatment for Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Covid-19 has collapsed and now faces an official probe amid allegations that thousands of vulnerable patients and shareholders are victims of a “gigantic fraud.” Daval International used political connections, celebrity friends and tame journalists to push an unproven serum called Aimspro as ‘a miracle drug [that] gets people out of wheelchairs’ and makes the blind see.  But after raising £30m over the past two decades, mainly from sufferers and their families, the company is being put

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